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Looking for insider tips? 4 amazing ski touring destinations you definitely do not know.

Are you looking for unspoiled landscapes, spectacular descents, and unforgettable ski touring experiences? From remote mountain ranges to hidden valleys we have selected four top destinations that promise a unique experience for ski touring enthusiasts. Far from crowded, well-known routes you can find true adventure. Use our insider tips as inspiration and break out into a completely new ski touring world. Are you ready for a new challenge?

Greece: Dirfi

If you are searching for an exciting ski touring destination with ocean views and good snow conditions, take a closer look at Dirfi on the Greek island of Euboea. At 1,734 meters (5,673 feet) it’s not the highest peak in Greece, but the volcanic activity that formed the range has left shapes and contours that are simply unique. The proximity to the sea means that it receives significant amounts of snow – the cold northeast winds meet the humidity of the Aegean Sea and are pushed upwards by the “wall” that is the Dirfi range. The snow line starts around 900-1,000 meters (2,900-3,300 feet). You can climb the mountain either from the south or the north side:


Southern approach: Drive to the village of Steni and take the road to Agia Anna. Immediately before the pass, turn left onto a gravel road leading to the Dirfi mountain hut. After the hut, follow the ridgeline to the summit. Please note: Depending on conditions, crampons may be necessary on certain sections of the climb.

***Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the GPX tracks. Check with local mountain guiding services about current conditions and the best choice of routes***

Northern approach: Drive to the Agalis mountain hut. From there you can climb the long northern ridge on skis - Dirfi’s volcanic cone provides descents on all sides. Snow quality and avalanche danger can vary considerably depending on the direction of the descent.

The best time for travel to Dirfi is from mid-February to mid-March. Access to the area from the Athens airport (approximately 70 km (45 miles) is relatively straightforward, and other ski touring terrain exists nearby if you want to combine several tours.


Racha is an area of western Georgia that is still waiting to be discovered by ski touring enthusiasts. It is one of the least explored regions of the Greater Caucuses and is (still) unblemished by typical tourist attractions. Visitors to the area are therefore in large part ski mountaineers who specifically come for mountain tours. As a result, it’s quite likely that you will be the only one making tracks in the snow. The best time to visit Racha is from February to mid-June.


In Racha, the terrain varies between 1,500 and 4,462 meters (5,000 – 14,639 feet). The highest peak is Mount Chanchakhi (4,462 m / 14,639 feet), but the stunning Mount Shoda (3,600 m / 11,811 feet), the twin-peaks of Lagora (3,057 m / 10,030 feet) and Mount Dolomisistsveri (3,267 m / 10,719 feet) are all worth the journey. It’s best to set up your base camp in the valley between Mt. Shoda and Mt. Lagora or at the base of Mount Dolomisistsveri. From there you have access to lines that have never been skied before. Alternatively, you can head for the village of Gona and attempt to climb and ski down multiple 4,000-meter peaks from the Kintrishi glacier. Another option is to undertake the somewhat difficult journey to the region around Mount Chutkharo 3,562 m / 11,686 feet). The slopes on the northern flank promise pure ski touring pleasure and can be skied until late June each year.


Do you know “Le Devoluy”, the beautiful valley in the Hautes-Alpes region of the southern Alps? No? Then it’s high time you did, because where else can you be on an ascent yet ski below the surface of the Earth? What makes this possible is the fact that the Devoluy-Massif is a region with unusual geological features, so-called “Chourums” or caves. There are around 600 of them in the area, some of which can be explored on skis. Some Chourums form incredible arches - the most well-known of these is the “Olympic Chourum”. Traversing through this has to be an absolute highlight for any ski tourer. The deepest cave is the “Chourum des Aiguilles” - at 980 meters (3,215 feet), it’s the deepest cave in Europe. The longest cave in the region measures 6.5 k (4 miles).

Above ground there is plenty of great ski touring: The second highest summit -- the 2,758 m (9,050 feet) Grand Ferrand is definitely worth the climb.


The tours in the area, particularly in the Chourums, are challenging, and may include sections with significant risk. They are not for beginners; they are recommended only for experienced ski mountaineers. Because it’s not always possible to see the entry to the caves from the outside, a high degree of care is necessary when skiing. Having the right equipment with you is essential.


The entire Devoluy Massif is characterized by its pleasant climate; the southern Alps are generally sunnier than the northern Alps. The best time to visit is in the second half of winter, between February and April/May. The beginning of winter is usually dry, and snow generally does not fall until January.



Even though Spain’s largest ski resort is in the Val d’Aran, there are still hard-to-reach places in the region which see fewer visitors. For ski tourers, awaiting you are exceptional mountains, ideal for challenging ski touring enthusiasts. A good example can be found in a high alpine valley in the heart of the Pyrenees, which offers a long tour over one of the most striking mountains in the region, Mount Montardo (2,833 m / 9,295 feet). The classic route goes via the Refugio Restanca and the Coret d'Oelhacrestada saddle. Experienced ski tourers should definitely consider the full circular tour, which has the ascent on the west side and the descent on the east side. The descent on the eastern side is significantly more challenging than the ascent route. However, the countless drainages offer plenty of options for descents, which contribute to the diversity of the skiable terrain.

Did we whet your appetite for an extraordinary ski tour? If so, start making plans -- you can still be among the first to explore these breathtaking natural regions on touring skis!


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