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DYNAFIT Athlete Center: The place where mountain athletes are made

Why a DYNAFIT Athlete Center? 

Success in performance sports does not come by chance. It demands hard training, perfect gear, and optimum preparation. In recent years, mountain endurance sports have become more strongly professional. Trail running races are no longer niche events; rather, they enjoy huge popularity and media attention. Ski mountaineering will be an Olympic discipline in 2026 and with that will move more into the public eye. For those athletes, it means more competition (and competitive pressure). Meaning also the necessity to focus even more strongly in training.


With the grand opening of the new DYNAFIT Athlete Center, we are creating the perfect conditions so our athletes can target their focus and preparation on their trail running and skimo competitions. With Sport_Innovated and its new comprehensive training and performance center at Chiemsee, we have thus found the perfect partner. The best of all: You can train here, too!

Sports_Innovated is an innovative competence center in the heart of the Chiemgau region. It combines performance training, performance diagnostics, rehabilitation and physical therapy all under one roof. Opened in Spring 2022, Sports_Innovated is the only facility of its kind in an area of several hundred kilometers. The center is open to all. It is the first entry point for performance athletes, recreational athletes, and everyday patients who may need treatment after an injury or operation or want targeted training for specific athletic projects.

Not only the impressive concept and direction, but also the style and design at the training center headed up by Dr. Manfred Düring and his professional team is breaking new ground:Sports_Innovated is located on a totally modernized, historic farm with a view across Chiemsee lake and into the Chiemgau Alps. It thus offers a perfect training backdrop for mountain endurance athletes. Therapy rooms with views of the mountains and lake and the center’s open design with glass and wood create an atmosphere of well-being where athletes will never lose sight of their goals. You will find the necessary inspiration here to tap into your highest performance.


DYNAFIT is the exclusive partner of Sports_Innovated. Sports experts there with their expertise will be at the side professionally of the DYNAFIT Athlete Team in its members’ race training. In addition, Sports_Innovated will assist DYNAFIT product development with technical methods and laboratory testing.

Training center facts and figures

Sports_Innovated in its 1,100 square meters combines a highly specialized infrastructure for physical therapy, athletic training and rehabilitation, with the most modern sports performance spaces, sports physiology laboratories, and interdisciplinary research. In all specialty areas as well as in training and diagnostics, the center follows a comprehensive approach based on the latest scientific findings. All employees – from physical therapists, sports physiologists, nutrition experts, osteopaths, and doctors with hospital affiliations – have many years of experience and a deep background in performance sports to assist you in the best way possible.


To that end, the center offers for example:

● 11 therapy rooms with views of the mountains and lake
● 20-meter-long medical and training center with treadmills and weight training equipment
● Physiological, biomechanical and cognitive-motor testing
● Performance diagnostics to determine endurance ability
● Determination of aerobic and anaerobic performance ability
● Bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine body composition (Muscle and fat percentage)
● The most modern strength-training methodology and movement analysis
● A research and development segment
● A biomechanic and metabolic laboratory of a technical gold standard
● Fully digital data management, analysis and procedures

Recreational athletes and physical therapy patients are all welcome

The Sports_Innovated training and rehabilitation center is not only open to pro and performance athletes. Recreational athletes and everyday therapy patients can also come for some professional assistance – be that for race training or simply to get back into sports after a long injury.


Do you want to train side by side with our athlete team and prepare in a targeted way for your next race? The experts from Sports_Innovated are there for you!

Sports_Innovated: Comprehensive training and therapy