Clark Gillies Net Worth 2023, Age, Wiki, Bio, Wife

Clark Gillies is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who has an estimated net worth of $2,255,000. He was an impressive player on the ice, and Clark is also successful off the ice. He has made wise investments in real estate that have contributed significantly to his net worth over the years. 

Clark has also invested in numerous startups and businesses which have earned him a handsome sum. Clark has been able to make his wealth primarily through ice hockey and investments, making him one of the most successful former NHL players in terms of net worth.

Clark Gillies Net Worth

Clark Gillies is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey player who played for the New York Islanders and Buffalo Sabres in the National Hockey League (NHL). As of 2023, Clark Gillies’ net worth is estimated to be approximately $2,255,000.

Gillies was drafted 4th overall in the 1974 NHL Amateur Draft by the New York Islanders. He was a major part of the Islanders teams which won four consecutive Stanley Cup championships in 1980–1983, and he earned three All-Star selections during his career. After retiring in 1986, Clark Gillies moved into the business world and has worked for various companies such as Imperial Oil, Bell Canada, and RBC Financial Group.

Biography of Clark Gillies

Clark Gillies (born April 7, 1954) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player best known for his time with the New York Islanders from 1974 to 1986. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002. His parents were Edna and Herb Gillies, and he had three siblings: Lynn, Gary, and David. He had two children, Carrie and Tyler.

Clark Gillies was an All-Star forward who won four Stanley Cup Championships with the New York Islanders in 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1983. He also won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy in 1979 as a result of his sportsmanship.

Early Life and Family Background Clark Gillies

He grew up with his parents and four siblings. His father worked as a supervisor for the Canadian National Railroad and his mother was a homemaker. Growing up, Clark was an active participant in sports like hockey, basketball, baseball, and football. As a teen, he attended the local high school where he excelled on the ice hockey rink.

When Clark was 16 years old, his family moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta. Here, he played for the local junior team and attended a vocational school to study mechanics. After graduating from a vocational school in 1974, Clark was selected by the New York Islanders in the first round of the NHL draft. He would go on to have a successful career with the Islanders, winning four Stanley Cups and becoming an all-star in 1980.

Throughout his career, Clark was well known for being an effective power forward. He had a tremendous work ethic and was always determined to give his best on the ice.


Clark Gillies attended both the University of Saskatchewan and Cornell University, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in business. After college, he went on to play professional hockey for the New York Islanders, helping them win four Stanley Cup championships.

Gillies was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002. He also won the Masterton Trophy for perseverance and dedication to hockey in 1984.  In addition, he was a three-time NHL All-Star, a Lester B. Pearson Award winner in 1979, and was named to the NHL’s First All-Star Team in both 1978 and 1979.  He also represented Canada at the 1976 Canada Cup.

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Personal Life

Clark Gillies enjoyed fishing in his free time and had a passion for carving wooden sculptures. He was also an active member of the community, volunteering at various charities and participating in many charity events.  Outside of his hockey career, Clark was known as a gentle giant who was always willing to help out those in need.   Clark was also an avid reader and was known to have a vast library of books from various genres.  He was also well-known for his love of classic cars and had a vast collection of vintage vehicles in his garage.  

In addition to these hobbies, Clark loved to travel, often journeying throughout Europe to explore the culture and cuisine of the region.  Above all else, Clark was a family man who loved spending time with his wife and children, often taking them on vacations around the world.  Clark Gillies’ passion for life and commitment to those he cared about will never be forgotten. 

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