James Deering Net Worth at His Death, Age, Bio, Wife

James Deering was an American entrepreneur and a member of the prominent Deering family. James acquired a vast fortune during his career, estimated to be around $750 billion. James’s business ventures ranged from real estate investments to ownership in several large companies, including International Harvester.

James Deering Net Worth

James Deering had an estimated net worth of $750 million at his death in 1925. He was the eldest son of Charles and Maria Deering and inherited a vast fortune from their estate. James Deering was also a successful businessman in his own right, having invested heavily in real estate and other business ventures throughout Florida. 

His wealth was further increased through his marriage to Marion Deering McCormick, the daughter of Cyrus McCormick. James Deering’s fortune was divided among his children and other heirs upon his death. James Deering is remembered as a philanthropist, donating generously to many charities in Florida and throughout the United States.

Biography Of James Deering

James Deering was born in 1859 in Cleveland, Ohio to William and Sarah Deering. He had four siblings: two sisters, Mary and Martha, and two brothers, George and Joseph. After graduating from Yale University in 1880 with a degree in engineering, James became an industrialist. He is best known for founding the International Harvester Company (now Navistar International Corporation) in 1902. 

He served as the President and Chairman of the company until he died in 1925. He was also an avid art collector, with a particular interest in European decorative arts from the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, which he incorporated into Vizcaya Mansion and Gardens.

James Deering Early Life and Family Background

He was the eldest of five children born to William and Sarah (Bissell) Deering. James’ father had a successful farm and lumber business in Northampton, MA and James inherited this family fortune when he reached adulthood. James attended Williston Seminary and then graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. James Deering was a bright student, and his family’s wealth allowed him to travel extensively throughout Europe during his college years. James eventually returned to the United States and attended Harvard Law School, graduating with honors in 1883.


James Deering was educated at Harvard University, graduating with a degree in civil engineering. He also studied law at the same university. James Deering is remembered for being an astute businessman who used his education to help build the fortune of the Deering family. 

He served as a director of several companies including International Harvester, American Smelting, and Refining Company, Telephone & Telegraph Corporation, First National Bank of Chicago, and others. James Deering was also the president of the Board of Trustees at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1899 to 1905. 

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Personal Life

James Deering had a hectic personal life. He was married to Florence Blackton from 1895 until she died in 1925. They had two children together, James Maurice and Elizabeth. James enjoyed many hobbies throughout his life such as hunting, fishing, and golfing. He also took part in numerous extra activities such as bridge tournaments, charity events, and attending the theater. In addition, James was also a philanthropist and donated generously to numerous charities.

He was an avid collector of art, antiques, rare books, and other valuable items. James had a passion for travel, often visiting various countries worldwide.

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