Klaus Teuber Net Worth 2023, Biography, Career

Klaus Teuber is a well-known game designer and entrepreneur best known for creating the highly successful board game The Settlers of Catan. His success in this arena has earned him a large net worth, estimated to be in the millions. Klaus Teuber Net Worth games have been immensely popular since their introduction, selling over 25 million copies worldwide.

Klaus Teuber Net Worth

Klaus Teuber is a German board game designer, who has created some of the world’s most popular games. Klaus Teuber net worth has estimated at $25 million dollars.

Klaus is best known for creating the award-winning strategy game “The Settlers of Catan.” The success of this game in particular has earned Klaus enormous wealth and recognition. Klaus Teuber has also designed numerous other popular board games, including The Rivals for Catan, Klaus Teuber’s Seafarers of Catan series, and the Animal Upon Animal game. In addition to his work as a game designer, Klaus is also an author and lecturer on historical themes related to the Middle Ages. 

Biography of Klaus Teuber

Klaus Teuber is a German board game designer who was born on June 25th, 1952, in Göppingen, Germany. He is currently 68 years old and weighs 81 kg (178 lbs). His height is 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches).

Klaus Teuber is the son of Walter and Elisabeth Teuber and has a younger brother named Hans-Jürgen Teuber. He grew up in Vaihingen/Enz, Germany where he was fascinated by board games from an early age.

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Klaus Teuber Early Life And Family Background

From an early age, Klaus was interested in games and puzzles. He had a passion for creating board games, something he would continue to do throughout his life. Klaus studied architecture at university and worked as an architect for some time before devoting himself full-time to designing board games.

Klaus Teuber’s first successful game was “Settlers of Catan”, released in 1995. The game was an instant hit across Germany and Klaus soon found himself enjoying success with numerous awards, including multiple-time “Game of the Year” titles throughout Europe.


Klaus Teuber is best known for the board game Settlers of Catan, which has sold over 25 million copies worldwide. Before his life as a game designer, Klaus received a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Marburg in 1979.

He went on to pursue further studies in pedagogy at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, where he received his doctoral degree in 1986. Klaus is also an accomplished author and has been awarded the prestigious title of Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) in 1995 for Settlers of Catan. Additionally, Klaus was honored with the Dieffenbach Medal from the University of Marburg in 2003 for his outstanding achievements.

Personal Life

Klaus Teuber is a German game designer and publisher best known for the popular strategy board game The Settlers of Catan. Klaus was born in 1952 in Germany, where he currently lives with his wife Elisabeth. Klaus and Elisabeth have three children together: Franka (born 1981), Jakob (born 1984), and Lisa (born 1989). Klaus has no known girlfriends and is said to be happily married.

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