Mamie Till Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Age

Mamie dedicated her life to civil rights and publicly commemorated her son’s death. In 2006 she was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and Mamie Till-Mobley Memorial Plaza was erected in her honor. Mamie Till had an estimated net worth of $100,000 at the time of her death. 

Mamie Till Net Worth

Mamie Till, the mother of Emmett Till, was an American civil rights activist and a strong advocate for racial justice. Mamie had dedicated her life to fighting racism after losing her son in 1955 due to racial violence. She passed away in 2003 leaving behind a legacy of anti-racism activism and a net worth estimated between $100,000 – $1 million. Mamie had a salary of $55,000 as an employee in the Chicago Public School system and is reported to have received additional income from various business ventures that she was involved in. 

Mamie also took part in several public speaking engagements where she shared her story and her fight for racial justice which further contributed to her net worth. Mamie Till’s activism and legacy continue to inspire people to this day, making her a true civil rights icon. 

Biography Of Mamie Till 

Mamie Till was born on November 23, 1921, in Webb Mississippi. Her parents were Louis and Alma Mobley. She had two brothers, Curtis and Wheeler Jr., as well as two sisters, Violette and Elizabeth. Mamie lived a humble life growing up in the rural south of Mississippi.

Mamie moved to Chicago in 1941, at the age of 19, to join her mother and stepfather. It was here that she met and married Louis Till in 1942. Together they had a son Emmett Till who would tragically become a symbol of the civil rights movement after his 1955 murder in Mississippi.

Mamie Till Early Life and Family Background

She was the daughter of a sharecropper and former slave, Louis Carthan, and his second wife Amanda America (Banks) Carthan. Her father had three children from his first marriage as well as five siblings who were born to her mother and father.

Mamie was raised by her maternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Banks) Davidson, who was a community midwife, as well as a housekeeper for the White family that owned the plantation where she worked. Her grandmother taught her the importance of education and how to stand up for herself despite hardships and discrimination. She attended school in Argo, Illinois until she graduated from eighth grade. At the age of 17, Mamie moved to Detroit with her family and found work as a clerk at a local post office.


Mamie Till was a strong advocate for education. She attended local schools in Mississippi, graduating from the Payne Institute in 1944. Mamie went on to pursue higher education and earned her Associate of Arts degree from Chicago Teacher’s College in 1949. Mamie had aspirations to become a teacher or social worker and shared these goals with her daughter Emmett. 

Mamie Till actively encouraged her son to strive for academic excellence, teaching him that education was the key to success. Mamie’s support of Emmett’s educational pursuits ultimately proved invaluable when her son was murdered in 1955. Mamie chose to fight for justice and used her educational background to bring attention to the case. 

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Personal Life

Mamie Till was married to Louis Mamie Till-Mobley in 1940. They had one son, Emmett Till, who Mamie tragically lost to the injustice of racism and hatred. Mamie’s devotion to her son was unwavering; she wanted him to grow up into a strong and brave man. Mamie often told him stories about his father, who had passed away when he was just four months old. Mamie also kept a scrapbook of her son’s life and accomplishments, which she cherished deeply.


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