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Care tips for your DYNAFIT products 

We are confident in the long-lasting durability and sturdiness of our products upon which you can rely 100% on the mountain. We are so convinced that we can offer you a promise: A promise of quality with a guarantee. The DYNAFIT Lifetime Guarantee. 


Above and beyond the legally required guarantee, you can receive a 10-year product guarantee from us on many products, including repair services. That means we guarantee we will make sure your product performs for 10 years exactly as it did the first day.


How does the DYNAFIT Lifetime Guarantee work? Register your product with all the key information with ease and totally uncomplicated on our website – and you get our lifetime product guarantee. 

Product registration

Lifetime Guarantee


Step 1: Create an account on our website.


Step 2: Register your DYNAFIT products on the “product registration” card in your account.  You can register every product and only need your original receipt.

Step 3: Enter the following information: Purchase date, product type, serial number or article number, and purchase location (online, offline). The serial number (format: 1234567) or article number (format: 00-0000000000) can be found directly on your product or on the original packaging. Upload the original purchase receipt as a JPG, PNG, or PDF.

Done! You have successfully registered your product and have now secured the DYNAFIT Lifetime Guarantee. You can find your registration confirmation at any time for download on the product registration card in your account. You will also receive a confirmation by email.


The most sustainable product is the one you have!





We want you to use your equipment as long as possible. That protects the environment and your pocketbook. That’s why we turn to materials as well as manufacturing with the highest quality and standards.  


Of course, you can always yourself do something so your products last as long as possible: Meaning you care for your products well, store them properly, and repair them as needed so you are offering an important contribution to a long lifespan. In our instructions about product care, we will show you what to do.